All of our dealers are licensed with the state to install the equipment needed. Having a licensed dealer complete the installation gives the homeowner the peace of mind required when work is performed on your home. 

Albama: 16/17-1493

City of Birmingham: 000153, Gardendale: 2015-42,
Jefferson County: 16008032

Arizona: 255474-CR67

BTR 18404-0

California: ACO5325/ACQ4665

Sacramento: ACO5325/BOT1019542


City of Denver: 1037585,
City of Aurora: 176007,
Colorado Springs: 722500

Florida: EF20000905

City of Jacksonville: Company #253,
Palm Beach County: EF20000905, Alachua County: 12937

Georgia: LVU406182

Iowa: AC-191

Illinois: 127.001386/124.001721

Village of Bellwood: #2015109


Indianapolis: LAC-000104

Louisiana: E11859/F1672

Maryland: 107-1696

Prince Georges Co: LIC-820, Baltimore Co: 1696,
Howard County: #528, Montgomery Co: 01379

Michigan: 3601205667

Missouri: 00504575

Kansas City: 0103287936/203215, Independence: 27550,
North Kansas City: 004300, Raytown: 008920
St. Louis County: 79939, St. Joseph: BL16-18878

Minnesota: 185972/TS000034

Mississippi: 15019531

Nebraska: 101147018

City of Omaha: FAR #766

New Jersey: 34BX00006600

New York: 12000077734

North Carolina: 2228-CSA

Nevada: NV20141168572

Las Vegas: 107696,
Clark County: 2001215-023-140

Ohio: 1804841

Oklahoma: A&L #1802

Oregon: CCB194899

Pennsylvania: PA-040539

South Carolina: BAC13574

Tennessee: 1720

Texas: B14839,

Virginia: 11-6402

Loudoun County 659,
Hampton #123620

Washington: SAFEHHS898B5

City of Auburn: BUS-29209, Bellevue 97322,
Federal Way 20-15-105341-00-BL,
Tacoma 500090577

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